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Why the Bakfiets Family Cargo Mid-Loader Electric Bike Bicycle ?

The “bakfiets” (Dutch for “box bike”) electric cargo bike has gained popularity for several reasons, especially in urban areas and communities that emphasize sustainable transportation options. Here are some of the key reasons why the bakfiets electric cargo bike is chosen by many:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Electric cargo bikes produce zero emissions and are thus environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional vehicles, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas.
  2. Urban Mobility: In congested urban areas, traditional vehicles can be impractical due to traffic and limited parking space. Electric cargo bikes can navigate through traffic easily, and they require less space to park, making them convenient for short trips and errands.
  3. Health and Fitness: Riding an electric cargo bike provides physical exercise for the rider, promoting a healthier lifestyle. It’s a way to incorporate physical activity into daily routines without the need for dedicated exercise time.
  4. Economic Savings: Owning and operating a car can be expensive due to fuel, maintenance, insurance, and parking costs. Electric cargo bikes have lower upfront and operating costs, making them a cost-effective alternative.
  5. Transporting Cargo: The bakfiets design, with a front-mounted box or platform, allows for easy transportation of goods, groceries, and even children. This makes it convenient for families, small businesses, and delivery services.
  6. Community Interaction: Riding a cargo bike encourages more interaction with the local community, as riders are more exposed to their surroundings compared to being inside a car. This can lead to increased social connections and a sense of belonging.
  7. Reduced Congestion: By choosing electric cargo bikes for short trips and local errands, individuals contribute to reducing traffic congestion in urban areas, leading to smoother traffic flow for everyone.
  8. Promotion of Cycling Infrastructure: As more people adopt electric cargo bikes, there is an increased demand for better cycling infrastructure, such as bike lanes and secure parking facilities, which benefits all cyclists.
  9. Promotion of Sustainable Lifestyles: Choosing an electric cargo bike aligns with a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, which is important for individuals and communities aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.
  10. Innovation and Technology: Electric cargo bikes showcase advancements in battery technology and electric propulsion systems, making them a practical and efficient mode of transportation.



  • Frame: High carbon Steel frame design, wooden loader box size is 87″ (L) x 23″ (W) x 16″ (H)
  • Motor: DAPU 36V/550W or 1200 W with the PowerBooster motor provides more than enough power, max speed can be reached 18m/h.
  • Battery: 36V/13A lithium-ion battery, charging time: 4~6 hours, battery life: 800~1000 cycles.
  • Brake: Front mechanical disc brakes and rear V brake.
  • Shifters: Shimano 6-Speed transmission system ensures the different speed experience which you need to ride.

Gear: Shimano 6 speed

Shifters: Shimano 6 speed

Free wheel: Shimano 6 speed

Tires: 20″ 1.75″ / 24″ 1.75″

Chain: KMC

Wheel fender: stainless steel

Load capacity: 350 lbs

Sensor: torque transducer

Display: LCD display

Distance per charge: up to 35-40 miles

Overall dimensions: 94.5″ (L) x 23″ (W) x 43″ (H)

Rim: Aluminum alloy

Spokes: Stainless steel

Pedal: Aluminum alloy

Total weight: 130 lbs





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